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Conversions to Natural Gas

At Wanson Israel we offer full support and solutions to any conversion to Natural Gas (NG), be it an industrial plant, hotel, hospital or any other business.

Recent major discoveries of natural gas offshore Israel are viewed by many in the country as a genuine economic game-changer. Natural gas was introduced in Israel a few years ago and was mainly used by the Israeli Electric Company and by large industrial plants. In the near future the development of low pressure infrastructure will be completed and will enable the use of NG to smaller consumers such as medium and small industrial plants and even hotels, laundries and restaurants.

NG is a vital component in the global energy consumption and is one of the cleanest energy sources, safest and most useful. NG is a combustible mixture of hydrocarbon gases, consisting mainly of pure methane CH4, but can also contain ethane, propane, butane and pentane.

NG may be used as an energy source for each of the following purposes:

  1.   Powering boilers for producing steam, heating water and producing thermal oil.
  2.   Energy source for heating raw materials in ovens.
  3.   Powering combustion engines (piston or gas turbine engines).
  4.   Producing cold by way of absorption cooling.
  5.   Electricity generation.
  6.   Cogeneration (combining power and thermal generation).

A system operated by a certain fuel type includes a certain burner suitable for burning that fuel. In order to convert boilers and burning ovens to natural gas consumption, the burner itself must be modified in either of two ways: adding an additional burner, specially-designed for natural gas consumption, or replacing the existing burner with a bi-fuel burner so as to allow consumers to consume natural gas or other fuels per their wishes and in accordance with current gas prices.

In addition to replacing the burner, consumers must also replace their Skids. A skid is a physical component of every facility (boilers, ovens, etc.) which include, generally speaking, a gas filtration unit and pressure controller designed to prepare and control natural gas for burning, by which the atmospheric pressure of gas entering the burner is maintained, as well as the purity of conducted gas.

Wanson Israel is the exclusive representative of Oilon Energy Oy a Finnish family-owned energy and environmental technology company (www.oilon.com). Oilon's burners are amongst the most advanced burners worldwide and with over 50 years of experience, known for their ability to be fired on various gases, light and heavy fuel oil as well as other liquid or gaseous fuels. Oilon’s reliable industrial burners are available in a capacity range of 40 – 29500 kW and can be fired on almost any liquid or gaseous fuel available making them the ideal choice for any NG conversion project.

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