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“To provide our customers with comprehensive solutions for their energy needs, excellent service and reliable after sales support.”

Wanson Israel Ltd. (WIL) is a privately owned company specializing in System Solutions and Equipment, mainly for the energy and environmental protection fields.

We represent some of the best companies in these fields such as Thermax, Oilon Energy, Cain Industries, Cybernetiks, etc.
With more than 30 years experience Wanson Israel provides full support from planning stage to implementation and after sale support.

  • Process equipment

    Wanson Israel represents in Israel some of the leading process equipment manufacturers. We offer the following equipment: Filters Dryers Pressure vessels Columns Glass covered equipment Industrial wringers and centrifuge Heat...

  • Energy Efficiency & Environment

    Industrial energy management and environment awareness plays key role in today's world of growing demand for energy, dwindling resources and stricter environmental regulations. Wanson Israel represents two of the most...

  • Conversions to Natural Gas

    At Wanson Israel we offer full support and solutions to any conversion to Natural Gas (NG), be it an industrial plant, hotel, hospital or any other business. Recent major discoveries...